What They are Saying About DJ JohnJohn:

" Your music is like a huricane swallowing up everthing in its path.This is positive.They talk about royalty, well I do too but all I know is it must be you! Bravo. "
" I ran across your profile on myspace and really enjoyed listening to your music.. I would also love for you to join me on my reverb page.. Best Wishes... "
" As the river turns we all learn, to do the best we can with a plan. You must make your music ring in the ears,so that all the people will hear and cheer. Christmas is coming so you have no reason to fear. So keep making good music for the people to hear "
" Congratulations! Your music has been chosen for airplay on "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"! I receive thousands and thousands of submissions from all over the world, and you were chosen from all of those submissions because I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now. "
" Like a Lava Blast from a Volcano you should find your way to the top.... Just keep up the good work and dont stop. "
" Thanks for the add family, lets change this industry !!!!!!!!! always looking to collab with great artists, that take the art as seriously as you do, regardless of your genre of music !!! Keep them awesome tracks coming :) "
" Wow I like your music and I like your style. All I know is it makes me smile. It looks like you´ll be around for quite a while. Keep up the great work. Much respect "
" Dope tracks & Cool sound man! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB! "
" As an artist you deserve only the very best. Times are not always easy being an artist. So a big thumbs up from me. "
" Like a race car moving fast your music will surely last. So make the best of the best and you will pass all of the tests. You could find yourself on top of all the rest "
" Are you ready for the new age? Well lets take it to the stage. So get ready for Money in your Pocket as you take off like a Rocket. Look up in the sky its a bird or its a plane or is it you ready to play the game. Well its all about your name and may end in fame. Stay focused. "
" Remember this: you are great and in the treasure of your mind lies success. Dont let anyone stop you. Much respect. "
" Everybody´s trying to get over the hump, looks like you had a big big jump. Thats because your music is reel and has got that good feel. It sonly going to get better and better in any kind of weather. Much respect. Keep up the good work. "
" I saw your profile and it seems cool.. I book afton shows in miami and im thinkin youd fit well on shows I've got comin up- like maybe this one at talent farm (our shows there are all ages) on may 22nd? "
" As the world turns the people yearn for something new and that new is you. Your music uplifts their spirits to an all time high, high high in the sky but dont ask why. All they have to do is to listen more carefuly and they become more joyfuly fulfilled. The music is from your mind and it seems to be one of a kind. Its all encased in time, your sound is full of love and Im full of rhyme. "
" much respect to your excellent music and work "
" Good morning fam. I'll make this quick. I understand you are quite busy. Im in Atlanta GA working on a record. The record is doing well in several markets. I'll be in Miami all next week. I would love to link up with you while Im in town and chop it up. "
" Your music is like fire it takes the people higher and higher. Im so high I could fly.I haven´t been smoking anthing so dont ask me why. Well out of the blue Im comming to tell you, your music is so good to be true. All that I can say is that good things shall be comming your way. "
" hey,..how's it going JohnJohn, nice work you got going on, i'm liking your music, you got my u.k. love & support, keep pushing, 1 love, stay blessed, "
" You´ve paid the price to get it right. Now lets have some fun with your music all nite. Its that time but the pleasure is mine, Im going to listen to your music and drink my wine. Kool sounds. "
" I Like how you take ordinary music and add your remixing flare and style to it, Awesome 5 Star for real!!! Keep Lightin em up and you will be on top guaranteed!!! "
" Your music is so good you´ve got no reason to fear, Stay focused so that everybody knows you have a nice sound and you go with the flow and your the best around. Hey hey hey dont forget me Im the man who´s going to set you free. Im made of gold and cant be bought or sold. I woke up this morning and wasn´t growing old thats another story that must be told. You got what it takes to get to the top so dont you dare, dare stop. "
" I Hear the Helicopters a comin! Look Out this One is Taking Over - Everyone Needs to Watch DJ JohnJohn from Miami, Florida "
" Your music lives and breaths and has good vibrations that can rock any nation. Great! Keep up the fantastic work and keep in touch. "
" Sic... Man I have been Listening to your stuff all damn day, and supposed to be working LoL , Please check out my music too.. Keep up the good work "
" Look in the mirror and what do you see. Its only you and not me but thats the way its supposed to be. I hope that your going to be all that you want to be. Your music is great so let it be. "
" Yo nice tunes do your thing its bangin... Come to my page and show some love toO...ill keep dropin in time to time 1 love all 1oo %. "
" Your music is so sweet and it cant be beat. Keep up the good work and be the best of the best. Your great. "
" If you need top notch artist development, music promotion and design check out DJ JohnJohn. He be making some great music "
" The good music you make puts something on the peoples mind.You give them joy and all the love they could find. It looks like your music is one of a kind, you make the people think your ahead of your time. "
" I would like to pick up your beats and show you some love. Are you going to have an itunes release or store soon? I'm in Japan so I can't just hound you in Miami and beg for beats cuz you know I would. Stay wicked! "
" I love your stuff. it's captivating, fresh and incendiary, better yet, on fire,. Keep up the great work "
" I wish you the best with your great sounds. I am honored to to tell you. Thanks, from The Lord of Lightning the Electric Dream you know what I mean. Much Respect. Keep in touch. "
" We are here to discover new talentful indie artists like you you definitly can feature our new coming magazine issue featuring BRISCO & BILLY BLUE..thats a special Miami/ Florida issue! "
" Your music makes me feel so good, thats why the people would do just what they should. Sound goes all the way up and all the way down but your music is great and still getting around. "
" Diggin' what ur doin over there..Universal Studios just played "Dance With Me" and "VIP Session 1" and I hear you got more coming out this summer..bump it up Player "
"I had to hit you with a best music nomination because as you can tell I am a proactive fan and I love your website. I always hold off on free downloads because I like to wait until I can buy it. I know it's not a lot but it's my way of showing some love. I use your mix for my cardio workout it's no joke you have me sweatin! "
" The Legend says he who is wise is never fooled and he who is fooled is never wise. You have all the elements to become successful. All you have to do is to open the magic door and show the world what you´ve been fighting for.Now take what you deserve and dont act reserve. Be great. "
" Hi JohnJohn. I have liked your facebook, myspace, following twitter also subscribed to your youtube for you. I wish you success with your music and a wonderful year. Love and Support from Judy xxx "
" Your music will pass the test. Its hard to row a boat upstream but be patient and calm and its not as hard as it seems. I know your kool and know what I mean. It will take some time to get to the top but you got what it takes so dont stop. Your music is so hot you will make it to the top so keep rowing until the peoples jaws drop. Your great stay focused. "
" Your music is pretty interesting. With all the sound effects, it keeps me entranced LoL, What synths do you use? I like your sound. And Where can I buy your Music? Thanks again :D "
" Your music sends chills down the spine and it makes you shine. Your spinning and you got to be winning. Your the best of the rest and you will pass any test. Look at how wonderful you are, with those sounds you will surely go far. Much respect. "
" Nice Tracks, especially VIP Session 1 , All i have is 3 words to say: "real recongnize real" "
" Step by step we move forward passing the ditches and wrong things that destroy progress.Your headed towards higher ground. Take control and make your move. You've got nothing to loose and all to gain. Success is on the horizen. "
" Came across your music/ page and wanted to let you know that your work is on point!! We fan'd up, and are hoping you will do the same. Come check us out at The Take Off Vol I and let us know what you think! Thanks! "
" Just showing support for the DJ , Good Vibes and Music, Keep it Up Gangsta! "
" Your music is like an arrow shot high in the sky. It goes beyond venus,mars and the stars. Pretty soon everyone will know who you are. Keep doing what you do and only good things will happen to you. Stay positive and keep up the good work. "
" STAY FOCUSED... LOVE THE SOUNDS AND CONCEPTS...IMMA BUY A SONG OR 2... Check Out Jim Jones, Lil Wayne & Stacks in the Remix of 'Weatherman' "
" Hey! Yo you an i'll ass dj yo and i got nothin but love 4 u and everyone you work! You think could add some OF my music to your playlist and give my tracks a couple spins wen u DJing! AND I'MA TELL ALL MY CONNECTS ABOUT YOU! "
" Outstanding Music. Music drives life. I'm a Fan, Thanks : ) "
" Awesome page you have ... I just finished doing FB likes, Twitter, and G1's, and the other stuff on your page.....Any other way I can help you with your situation, please send me a note. Thank you "
" Your music makes a positive reaction and brings the people great satisfaction. Great. "
" Hey whats up JohnJohn Market?, I really like that first song you have, My name is Frank I've listened to a majority of your music and I think you should convey your talents to a bigger audience. Call me and leave a message and tell me what time is best for you! "
" When our hot your hot when your not your not. Your music is like fire for everyone´s heart desire. You will be flying higher and higher as you create a Musical Empire. Move fast dont go slow and soon my friend you glow. "
" str8 up hot music fam..just started on this.1 "
" Your music is like the missing link,it makes people stop and really think. Its like the Golden Fleece a beautiful discovery sounds so sweet. All over the world you´ll bring folks to their feet. Stay on top that way you will never drop. "
" love the vibe you bring with your DJ'ing skillz keep up the great work "
" Like a rocketship blasting off to the moon, your music will make the people shout your tunes. I dont know if this is some kind of dream but I believe this real and something to be seen. Well it must be real cause Im really thrilled. I can lay back and listen and really really chill. Your music is like a jewel, so I know its kool. Thanks for your time keeping music on my mind. Keep your head held high and make the people wonder why. Good vibrations. "
" Checkin Florida Artists, and was impressed with your sound. Contact us and ask for mike! Representing tha 305!!!! "
" Your music is like a river flowing up stream to the top of a mountain lake where it crest.On top where it makes your jaws drop.Its full or rich ideas and life.Keep up the good work and all will be well. "
" Loving "Dance With Me" (and all the rest, too). Always know I can find a good listen here :-) "
" Zip zam bam can you understand. Your music is great and I know you´ve got a plan. So open up the door and let them in. All your going to get is more fans and friends. If you play your cards right everything will be alright. Excuse me I only wanted to be polite. Stay kool like a jewel. "
" Keep up the good work and the doors will open but you got to be ready to rock steady. Who knows you might be a star but you got to let the people know who you are. "
" Its time for you to blaze that trail.I know your great and wont fail. Its your time so make up your mind to leave all the troubles behind. Take your chance and advance. "
" Hi.Nice 2 meet you.I'm a songwriter,singer & acoustic guitar player from NY. Liked Ur Music & I'm a fan. "
" Tick toc around the clock your music is so good so dont stop. I know Im not a fool but your music is so damn kool. It takes us back to school and we cant forget the golden rule. You´ve got that magical potion that wonderful notion your creating a lot of commotion. The world is yours. "
" OK finally another talented artist !! I'm definitly feelin your work on here! Always been a fan of good music. keep up the good work "
" Everybody fails at first but the people that are successful have to run through the gauntlet. You have the potential to rise make sure your ready when opportunity calls. Your the best take your chance and advance then afterwards you can really dance. "
" Thanks for the love! Fresh tracks I just became your fan and will definitely like your facebook fan page! "
" Like a new born baby comes into the world you are also destined for a second comming. So dont dispair you will be there. Open your mind and all will follow, so dont be shallow or even hollow. "
" Behind every story is a theme ,mankind fashioned this world on a dream.However what it seems is not what it seems. So lets go forward with our life and try to make things right. So let your music bring happiness with all the joy and give the world what they can enjoy. Cheers. "
" I wish you luck with your music, and hope that you keep on making wonderful music. Please keep in touch, "
" To die is to be reborn, so be forewarned.... We live and learn thats our concern so be careful of the bridges we burn. Good things abound with your musical sound with Freshness, and Fantasy as the word gets around. Take care we like your flow. "
" Whats good bro? I go by King Bate$ I'm a Producer from Dallas, TX. I am looking for dope artist to work with, I came across your page and I am definitley liking what I hear. "
" Your sound is like a Train it stays in your brain. Im trying to make sense of this but it just remains the same. Your music is so good it should bring you fame. "
" Like what your doing keep pushing - Big Chris from the UK "
" As the story is told dont be afraid of the unknown. Sometimes the road seems hard and very cold. However you must be brave and very bold. Then you will find the pot of gold,let the brilliat musical ideas flow then you will know which way to go..(Remember this: my heart took me places my mind could not take me. Cheers. "
" You got good music! I would like to have you on my show. Give me a call me ASAP! "
" Well well no cause for alarm. I dont think my words did you any harm. Its time to leave the past and go forward at last. Here comes the New Year with a very big blast. I hope it brings happiness, joy and cheers not fear. Then I will believe it will be a very great year. Happy New Year. "
" U kno when you hear music that is so dope it inspires you to make music? Thats the feeling im getting right now! I dig the records! Big fan! "
" The count down has begun so get ready for the fun. Let hope we have done all we could this year so there is no fear. So lets have a marvelous New Year. We´ve got to make that change to stay in the game and at the end of the rainbow maybe thers fame. Stay Brilliant. "
" Yo im likin the music its hot keep it up will check out your web site when I get the chance "
" Your music makes the world go round and round upside down as they hear your sounds. Your waiting on the New Year with no reason to fear. Your time is almost here. Your making roads where your music definately goes. Who knows you might wind up with all the gold. Royal you, your going to do what your supposed to do. "
" I'm digging your songs! Check Out my work! Keep it up! "
" So journey to the center of the earth, your music represents a masterpiece of good work. Keep digging until you hit pay dirt and all of the riches that its really worth. "
" Well you´ve pased the test so this means that your the best. I know your quest to be better than the rest, so now your pounding on your chest. Keep up the pace and you´ll win the race. Of course Im not a poet however I may show it. So stay involved and the mystery of your good music will be solved. "
" Names T- Ford keep up the good work I'm following you on twitter and reverb. "
" Over the oceans and across the blue its not hard for someone to find you. With music in mind your one of a kind, your the one that dared to cross the line. I can sense the beauty of music in your soul, pass it on to the young and old. Your great. "
" Loved your music! I FANNED you so PLZ take 5 SECS to send me a Link to Buy Your Music :) Stay blessed "
" Like a Rocket to the Moon your Blasting off taking the world and your music with you. Heaven help the new world that awaits you. You will blow them away and stael their heart if they have one. Fabulous sounds ready to astound. Keep up the good work. "
" Well well well christmas is almost here.You´ve got no reason to fear your music is great and you could be the man of the year.Keep in touch.L. "
" Hello I wanted to come by and let you know I think your songs are really good, As I told everyone in Miami you are Def Jam Approved and hopefully you will blow up and help others as well, Call the Number and maybe we can network. Thanks for your time talk to you soon. "
" Like a Bullet traveling Fast your music will certainly last. As time goes your music flows. Its all about you cause thats who Im talking to. Make sure you go that extra mile and really make those people smile. They love you and like your style. So it looks like you´ll be around quite a while. Stay on top your the best. "
" :)Wow Awesome Passion and vibe, I love the concept and the spirit, Well crafted music, I would love to know your opinion on my song I Need you "
" Ready set go your ready to roll with that fantastic sound and a heart full of gold. You know where your going so keep flowing. Fly like the wind and you see that big win. Your the best. "
" Yo, I'm digging your jams, they're the sh#t. "
" I can feel the true emotion in your music. Its the passion that uplifts us all. We go to a place where we`ve never gone before and we find ourselves lost in sounds. Well spread the word cause your ready to be heard. Kool. "
" As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop Gryndin 4 what U deserve "
" Your in search of the musical Golden Fleece this prize of fame is so sweet.Your music is great and it aint no fake..We are all waiting for the new songs you make. "
" Like taking a dive you`ll stay alive and your music will thrive. No one can stop you but you.So be confident and take control and then all the wonderful and beautiful things will unfold. Take a look at your accomplshments and someday they will blossum into fulfillment. "
" Open your heart and open your soul and all the rest turns to gold. Aim for the top thats your spot. Your great music tells s a tale so stay focused and you will never fail. Your music so good its to good to be true thats why Im glad I found out about you. "
" Its always hard to see your way through a dark and thick forest. However you must find a way to the otherside of musical happiness so that some wishes will be fufilled. Its magic.Your sound is strong. "
" Step by step we try to climb never knowing, what we may find. Lets hope we find that musical pot of gold cause then your story will unfold. So be bold, blue and true and then good things will happen to you. Stay involved. "
" You must be the most cause you aint no ghost. So get ready for a toast because your the best musical host. Your music is so killer that your a thriller. Let the chips fall and get ready to have a ball. It seems like your the best of the rest and Im so happy to confess. Keep up the good work. "
" Sometimes in our career we feel as if we were forced to walk close to the gates of hell with all kinds of problems. The fire was so hot it almost burned us alive. However we have survived and there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. We have to dig to get the full benifit of the suns opportunities. Wow. You have survived now its time to get your crown and all the rewards for the good work. Stay alert and focused. "
" We talk about outerspace, and worlds under the oceans.Believe it or not we are in the middle. Your music runs on a similar line of brilliance. One of a kind, all in my mind, Im trying to find when Ive got the time. "
" Keep posting those tunes and soon you will be toasting to your success. You´ve got what it takes to win now go and take it. You cant fake it. You got to make it. The world is yours, cheers. "
" Hey hey hey I see your on your way.So have a great day. That what I wanted to say. The people listen to your sounds everyday so your moving on up anyway. With all that flavour and all that style, no wonder people listen with a smile.Be the best "
" Like a blast from the past your music will last. Like the test of time as I drink my wine. All you got to be is so true, all you got to be is you you you. Be careful and look after yourself. "
" Put on the crown and let the people know your in town, everybody knows you´ve got that great sound. As time goes on your music will really get found. "
" Like a rocket ship blasting off to the moon, the people will hear your tunes. With all the thrust, you will make a big fuss. However all that is another plus. Your sound is so universal so it belongs in inner and outerspace. So keep flying high and you´ll set the pace for the whole human race. It looks like you´ve got excellent taste. "
" As the world is turning your music is burning. The people keep listening and they keep on learning. Its making its way through the hearts and minds of the people soul. So dont give up hope this aint no joke, you've got the scope. Im honored to say you may be well on your way. You've paid your dues and its time to get paid. I hope that your career blossoms this year. "
" Starlight starbright let your music ring tonight. Your sound brings cheers to the ears. It washes away the tears and fears and it makes things right. How can it be that it brings so much delight. It makes you feell so high you feel like you can fly. Now I know why your so bright you shine like a ray of sunlight. "
" Your music is on fire and it will take you higher and higher so dont make me a liar. Your music is what the people desire now I see what they really can admire. "
" Like wine taste better after it ages,your music sounds better the more you play it.So show your stuff and be the one that makes the people have the most fun. "
" Like the king and queen of hearts listening to your music is a great start. You can feel the energy flowing the way the wind is blowing.So stay in tune and we will have a good time soon. Your super kool. "
" Light is light and right is right your music is playing with all its might. Your good songs and music will blow the people away. That will only make my day.Thats the great connection I must say. Stay focused cause its all your way. "
" With all your scope I have big hopes. You will be okay anyway. Stay in charge and you will be large. Play to win you´ll know it when your in. Cause being number #1 aint no sin. Make your way to the top dont give up and dont stop. "
" Your music sets off a chain reaction, bringing the most satisfaction. So cheer up dont feel down, your sound is one of the best around. So relax take it easy and your time is almost here, this could be the year of years. You´ve got nothing to fear and nothing to lose all you can do is to remain kool. "
" Shoot for the stars and you know who you are. So let your music take you wide and far. I know your music just wont fade so you will be taking it to the next phase. Its real I must say so you will be also taking it to the stage. "
" It seems as if your musical seed has been planted and the product is a matured tree. The roots have taken hold as the story been told. All I know is awaiting to be foretold. It has all the wonders of magic so be forewarned. Dont let your heart be filled with scorn. Good things are comming and a new day is born. So get out the trumpets and blow your horn. Wow. "
" Like the red planet from mars you will find out how great you are. Your music is a positive force to be reckoned with all you have to do is to stay with it. Your to kool to be true but thats you. "
" Your music grows in the mind and in the soul so pass it on to the young and old. Now you know that the story been told now we await the good things to unfold. Stay great. "
" Stopping by to show my support. Great tracks on your profile. "
" What goes up must come down, Your music is the sweetest sound around. "
" Like a journey to the bottom of the sea,your music sets the people free. Keep swimming in the light until all the darkness becomes bright. Now you know that things are right and now you know success is iin sight "
" Get ready for the spring. Go forward and be confident you´ve got a big element of fulfillment. Let your music run wild you got the style. "
" Dont feel frustrated and dont feel down your sound is still one of the best around. Keep doing what your doing and going with the flow and soon good things will happen and you will surely know. "
" Your music is like a ray of sunshine it brightens up everything and the peoples minds. To good to be forgotten to sweet to be rotten. Have no fear its your year, so wake up and cheer. "
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